A seamly.co Versalette Challenge

19 Feb

It’s been a couple years now since I bought my first Versalette and then invested in my second one when the redesigned Versalette 2.0 came out.  Is it possible that we have talked since then and you are still confused about what a Versalette is? Prepare to come to the cool side.

As many of you know, we are on a path to change.  Less stuff.  In our food.  In our belongings.  In our time.  We are looking forward to moving to Japan with P’s Marine Corps career later this year and while we were already on a quest to downsize, the impending move made us get real.  One area that we have been working on regularly for a couple years now (which means we haven’t really sucked it up and committed yet, I guess) is our wardrobes.  Each season, and sometimes during, I go through my clothing and accessories and remove items that I are worn out, don’t fit properly anymore (babies, what?!) and just plain haven’t been reached for.  I am hoping to pare the collection down even further.  One way to make a small wardrobe seem larger than it is? Convertible clothing.  My favorite piece for that right now?  The Versalette.

Seamly.co is an amazing little clothing company with big heart.  It’s mission to use sustainable fabric and creation processes, to educate the population about where clothing comes from and that they have a choice in making it or looking for responsible goods, and to give it’s customers sweet designs to don, speaks right to my heart.

Enter the Versalette challenge.  Seamly.co’s leading lady, Kristin, issued a challenge for it’s clients/followers: wear this versatile garment five different ways, tag it on Instagram (or email the pics), and be entered to win a $100 seamly.co gift card.  Challenge accepted!  I had actually wanted to participate in the previous challenge, but it was right after I had Liezel and I wasn’t feeling up to par yet.  I guess that was an okay thing, because I was destined to be in this challenge.

Each day, I wore my Versalette and different way, enlisted Makenzi in the photo taking department, and posted the shot.  I even pulled her into one of them to model it’s uses an extra way. (Cheating? Maybe. Was I ashamed of doing it to get in an extra use? Nope.)

IMG_1061 IMG_1093 IMG_1086 017f1efbb67ec2cb0f2faa67daebc364c1b7bdaad301a207220e4ded93841c985a8cbe2a7d6ba97fc98c

The judges took a week to deliberate and last Saturday morning I woke up to see that I was the winner!  I was so excited!  I couldn’t wait to share the news with Makenzi.  She, of course, thought that meant I should buy something that she could wear as well.  I figured this day would come (and it has, just ask my shoes).  She will be stealing my goods from here on out.  And there are four other girls right behind her to join in the fun.  Just wait until I can return the favor to them. Mwahahahaha!

I am going to hold out to order one of the convertible pieces that are currently out of stock.  I’m thinking the 5-Ways Maxi Dress or one a Jenny Dress.  I want to add another convertible piece to maximize my clothing.  If I get the 5-Ways, I should be able to remove at least 4 or 5 pieces out of my current collection!

If you haven’t already, and this isn’t just a plug for the company (no benefit to me, but one for you if you buy a great piece(s)!), check out the website and see if sustainable fashion can make it’s way into your closet.  Maybe it can even boot a few pieces out.  Maybe it will start to change the way you think about clothing from here on out.  I had several friends express interest and one confirmed order.  I am so excited for her to get it and rock it!  If I wasn’t so far away from everyone, I’d let you borrow mine!

Now, to get a Versalette in each one of my girls’ size. 😉


One Response to “A seamly.co Versalette Challenge”

  1. Katie March 3, 2014 at 1:38 pm #

    Finally reading this whole post – congrats, Misty! You look great in these pictures – I can’t believe you’ve given birth to 5 kids! Sometimes when I’m reading your blog I’ll get a vision of you, pregnant with Makenzi, sitting at the lunch table unable to get that pregnant belly under the table! It makes me smile every time.

    I’m loving the two dresses you linked to as well. I see a seamly.co purchase in my future 🙂

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