New Plugs…

12 Sep

…allow for old earrings to still be worn! 🙂  I ordered two pairs of wooden plugs.  Both have cork-filled holes, allowing for you to wear old post/wire earrings you have from before your stretched-ear days.  One has holes nearer the bottom for dangly earrings.  The other has a hole near the center for posts.  I’m getting used to them, as they fit a little larger than the size of any others I have and I’m not used to things hanging down from my ears and moving anymore!!  So, for the cost, I’ll get several looks! Spending to save?!

(I know not many of you have stretched ears, but for those that do (or anyone I don’t know that comes across this), they are from Omerica Organic.  If I reordered, I would order an extra skinny pair, as I measured and thought I was a skinny, but they’re still pretty long.)



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