Bed Redo

11 Jun

A few years ago (or so), Philip built crib-sized bunk beds for the girls.  They have been perfect!  They didn’t take up as much room as traditional sized bunk beds would…and who wants to waste space when the girls are little and still FIT on the toddler sized mattresses?  The problem with keeping this plan forever?  Children grow!  Izabella had grown long enough that while she still technically fit, she was beginning to curl up and be smooshed (between her 5 pillows, 16 blankets and 32 stuffed animals).  Back to the drawing board.

Philip made a plan to reuse the materials from the existing bed and create a new one! Frugal, creative and smart!

After all the hard work, planning, cutting, sanding, coating, sanding, coating, carrying and assembling, the girls have a new bed!  A twin sized (with a little extra space–good for all that crap she thinks she needs next to her) up top and two toddler sized down below!  A three girl bunkbed!

You are awesome, Babe and your skills are too!

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