New Frugal Practices for Earth Day

26 Apr

We started to practice a few new frugal habits and it lined right up with Earth Day this year!


I’d think that making our own hand soap and dish soap is friendly for both our wallet and the planet.


We also utilized some of our compost (lemon and orange peels) and added them to white vinegar to make a homemade citrus scented cleaner.  We’ll see how it turns out in a couple weeks!


And we also started to grow our own sprouts instead of buying plastic packages week after week that we have to recycle. It’s nice to grow your own goodies anyway…now we are just cutting out the extra waste of resources: the purchase, consumption and recycling of the package, not to mention the fuel associated with shipping it to a store near us and for us to drive to buy them. Also good for the budget and taste buds–even Makenzi eats these, when she wouldn’t the store bought!



We are continually making changes to be more sustainable in our family.  Caring for Earth and its resources is an important part of our lifestyle and I hope to raise the girls to continue to have some (if not all or more!) of these practices even after they leave our home. And if saving money is something that happens at the same time, why the heck not?!


4 Responses to “New Frugal Practices for Earth Day”

  1. Katie @ SingleSimpleStudio August 12, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    Misty, your blog is great! I think you need to do a post on how to put on makeup, and make sure you include the amazing mascara-as-blush technique that we invented when we were 5!! I wonder, is there a DIY for make-up? I wish I had more time to make things myself. On the list right now is homemade laundry soap and deodorant! I’ll blog about it as well 🙂

    • mmeschmitz August 12, 2013 at 12:03 pm #

      Thank you! I didn’t know you had a blog! I will check it out later today! 🙂

      Oh, the mascara. How could a parent ever be mad at two cute little girls?! Moments to remember when mine try my patience!

      Deodorant is on my list as well…just wondering about keeping the coconut oil cool enough. I don’t want it to melt. Will I have to keep it in the fridge?! Hmmm… Laundry detergent we do though. We like to use goats milk soap instead of the fels naphtha though.

      Can’t wait to see your site!

      • Katie @ SingleSimpleStudio August 12, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

        Yeah, I don’t really publicize my blog, but I should! I do it mainly for my own fun and to keep me motivated to get projects done. As far as deodorant goes, I see some versions that say you should keep it in the fridge, but others say you don’t need it. I’m going to try this recipe first:

        I think my mom was mad at first, but then she saw how hilarious it was 🙂 BTW…Makenzi is getting so big!!! I mean, we can’t stop the process, but holy crap she’ll be in high school before you know it! It feels like WE were just in high school!

      • mmeschmitz August 12, 2013 at 1:09 pm #

        I know! She is almost 12!! I was actually just saying to someone that after this year of school, she is half done!! Yikes! I will check out the blog and that recipe when I get to the computer!

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