Beasley’s Hair Cuts–Saving Again!

9 Mar

A dog with long hair…that grows like it’s on steroids…that is white…that brings in dirt…that gets smelly…has to have lots of hair cuts.

After I paid for the very first grooming Beasley ever had when he was 8 weeks old (or so), I decided I wasn’t doing that again.  He would cost a TON more than vet bills, food and such.

I bought a pair of clippers (and a rake last week!) and learned how to do it myself!

Recently, P and Makenzi talked me into leaving him longer because it looks nice (for like a day) and they like it like that.  I wish I had a picture.  Let’s just say the bathroom trash was FULL of fur.  And I had a couple hours less time on my hands.

My new theory—it can grow long again when they’ve learned to groom him themselves!  It was such a pain in the ass, it will NEVER happen again if I can help it.

BUT, after the hard work was over (and maybe more importantly–all that money saved!) it was well worth it.

Now, how much to I pay myself for all this?!

Handsome boy:



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