Work or Free Vacation?

3 Mar

No, this wasn’t for me, but even if it’s Philip, I think a trip for work to KEY WEST counts as a free vacation and therefore a MAJOR savings!

Philip and some of his classmates were sent to Key West, FL to get some of their last flights done, as the weather in Pensacola in February is abysmal.

Philip’s cousin, Clark, drove down to join him for a couple of the days!

Here are some photos to share from their time there.  He would have to fill in the details, but I do remember him mentioning the following: a manatee swimming to meet them at their waterside lunch; the best Mexican food ever; bars and drinks and fun; v-neck tshirts; The Porch; great Mexican food again, key lime pie…and JAPAN!

key west 2 IMG_1744 key west 1

key west 3


One Response to “Work or Free Vacation?”

  1. brenda erdman March 5, 2013 at 8:38 am #

    wish I could be there for a week 😦 I’m ready for some warm weather!

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