Personal Computer Fixer

3 Mar

Another way to save…have a personal computer fixer man.

Makenzi’s computer took a crap.  It appeared that the hard drive had blown up and all her pictures and data were lost.  She was upset.

We took the computer to Best Buy.  Sure, they could fix it.  For a buttload of money.  We knew that the chances of fixing it with the skills Philip has were very good.  We politely declined.

P came home, ordered the parts.  Once they came, he fixed the computer in less than 15 minutes of manual labor.  Talk about the way to go.

Glad to have that guy around sometimes. 😉

Now Makenzi has her computer back, her information restored, and P has new materials and skills to go along with it.




One Response to “Personal Computer Fixer”

  1. brenda erdman March 5, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    way to go:)

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