Time for a First Major Hair Cut

18 Oct

I’ve had major hair cuts before–long to short, no bangs to short ones, hair color switches, but I have never in my life made the drastic change I did recently.

Earlier this spring, I was determined to try something new–I have never been very blonde or gone very short.  It was decided.  I was ready to pixie my hair!  I spoke with a few people, including Philip and my Gram (who cut her hair off young and I resemble) especially, I made the appointment at a really cute, stylish salon downtown (thinking they’ll certainly be edgy and encouraging of crazy changes) and went.  I was then promptly talked out of it.  “It wouldn’t work well with your fine hair,” she said.  “It will make your face and neck look even longer,” she said.  (Well, how the hell am I supposed to avoid that?) Apparently, a chin length bob was the answer for someone with my narrow, long face and fine, shapeless hair.  I was talked into that and left the salon that day with no different experience than a regular mall salon, a hair cut I had had several times before, much less money and regret filling the space it had been.

A few months pass, the disappointment in my inability to stick to my guns and my now once-again shapeless hair encouraged me to try again.  This time I skipped the fancy salon and went straight to a place I knew (in the past)–Regis.  I booked the appointment with someone who specializes in short hair (thank goodness I did with all the cowlicks I have) and couldn’t wait for the day to arrive.  As nervous as I was to see the hair falling, I was ready.

I went into the appointment looking like this:

And came out of it looking like this:

And I LOVE it!  It was a shock at first, but it was so different and wonderful.  I’ve been told (by Philip, the girls (not as much my long-hair-kind-of-gal Zhara) and lots of others) that it looks good.  It suits me, it fits my fine hair and it’s so light and easy!  With shapeless, bodiless, boring hair like mine, this has been the best thing I have done!  And honestly, I am at a place in my life (not that I ever cared very much), that I really don’t care what everyone else thinks!  It makes me happy (for now), Philip is cool with it (again, for now) and that’s all that really matters to me.

I’ve since trimmed it up again.  It took 5 or 6 weeks before it was growing out too much, but it was insane to see how much your hair grows–of course, you don’t see it until your hair is short and you don’t WANT it to grow.

Now, what to do for the Marine Corps Ball….Ha! Maybe a coloring to freshen it and some finger waves?!


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