The Post I’ve Been Avoiding: Garden Update

5 Jul

Alright. I’ll do it now. I’ll show you the sadness that has entered the Schmitz household backyard.

But first, let us take a stroll back in time.

Garden through the updates:

April 3

April 10

April 22

May 8

May 14

May 28

June 11 (Where the sadness begins.  As it turns out, 23+ inches of rain & standing water isn’t good for your garden.)

June 25

July 17 (And a goofy husband displaying the rather opposite of how we feel about the garden and our power to fix it now)

And a slideshow including close-ups of the plant lives lost. ;(  (All that time I spent combing over them picking off caterpillars, wasted.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We still have the container plants–some of them are doing well, others just okay. We also still have a few things going in the garden–basil, celery, eggplant, tomatillos and some (zombie ) peppers that came back after the water damage.  I guess we’ll take what we can get!

We’re not replanting at this point. 1, it’s too frickin’ hot. 2, we don’t want to plant much until we know when we’re moving!  We’re hoping to find out we won’t leave until December or January.  In that case, we’ll replant at the end of summer.  If not, we’ll just hope we can plant something (at least a container garden) in the next rental!

Tune in to the next post, as I’ll show you the silver lining–the goods we got out of the garden while we could!


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