Building the Empire State Building

22 May

Forget the almost half million dollars it actually cost to build the Empire State Building….it was only $5! For us anyway!

I was at a thrift shop and this item jumped out at me as something we could do together as a family (as it turned out, I just took pictures).

The girls and Philip worked together to pop out each little piece–including the windows—and built the Empire State Building as a team while I documented the incredible feat of building a 1,454 foot tower in our living room!

I came home and looked the item up online to see how much it would cost should I want to order it from there…$40! We got a deal!  The package was sealed in plastic and all pieces were intact!

Though there were no instructions included, the four of them paired off at times to figure bits and pieces out.  I kept the baby back for a good deal of the time, as she wanted to jump right in!

I read the FACT FILE to them as they built, asking questions to test their knowledge (and their best guesses!) before I gave them the information.

As you can see from the pictures, Zhara put the lightning rod on to complete it, the group took goofy pictures after their hard work, and we proudly display it in our living room.

What was the most fun about this for me, is that each and every time the Empire State Building is mentioned (even the Empire State on the radio) the little girls pipe up and explain that they know what that is and continue to talk about it and say what they know. 🙂  Lesson accomplished. Fun had.

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