Garden Update!

8 May

Here’s an update!  The first half of the pictures are from April 22:

Garden April 22

Garden April 22

The second from today, May 8th.

Garden May 8th

Garden May 8th

Those pictures literally show two week’s difference in growth. It’s insane!  It’s still out there growing and producing like crazy…but we’ve been infested! AH!  These are some of the babies…but believe we founds hundreds of big guys too!

Those of you that have Facebook and see my posts, know that I am not very fond of the ‘little fellas.’ 🙂  Philip and I have been out there combing over our plants and getting rid of them one way or another for the last two days.  We removed several of the holey parts of the plants and hope we got lots of the tiny babies at the same time.  Luckily there were only a few of the very infested leaves.  Removing those surely helped us contain the issue somewhat. Not so luckily, it makes finding the other hiding caterpillars harder to locate.

P concocted some sort of onion/pepper/vinegar spray that he misted over the plants in hopes that it would deter the moths from laying eggs and the caterpillars from eating (or even one step better, killing them).  The damage was/is great, but we’re hoping we’ve gotten a good handle on it…and check it constantly to make sure we’re staying on it and holding it to the smallest amount of damage we can.

I feel like a damn bird out there–hunting and pecking and squishing and eating killing each one I can find.  In all seriousness, no purposeful exaggeration, we must have killed thousands of caterpillars.  I no longer feel any regret when I smash or stomp or cut or roll them through my fingers.  I’m quickly becoming the evil one!  Philip even went on a rampage today and was standing watch over the goods in case the moths felt like depositing more of their stinkin’ minions—trying to continue the vicious circle of ruining our crops!  He’s ‘taken care’ of several of them when he can catch them.  Tell me, do you know a good reason for their existence?  We can’t figure it out!

New to the garden recently, are some of the purple bean bush (seed started) plants Philip got for his birthday.  They all came up!  So are the marigolds…gotta do what we can to keep the pests away!  The regular pole beans have shown their happy faces and are ready to start climbing the bamboo pyramid soon.  The strawberries are blooming and growing, the broccoli is getting bigger, the okra is flowering, the celery bottom is coming up well, the beets are coming up–so much greatness makes the work (and money) put into it worth it.  Also, the tomatillos are up and thriving in their starter pots, as are the Ground Cherries.  Hopefully the brussel sprouts grow big enough to be harvested soon, so that we can plant these in their place.  New sprouts and new blossoms are a reason to keep smiles on our faces–in spite of our nasty little caterpillar friends enemies.

The compost bin is full-with dry goods and food again–churning and making us some goodness for the garden!  Philip and our neighbor, Jaynelle, made their first vermicomposters–aka, worm bins!  We’re waiting on the worms to arrive in the mail this week.  Right now, the bins are just getting nice and juicy before they come.  More info on this will come on another post.

We’ve so far enjoyed about 100 or so sugar snap peas, 1 radish crop, kale, brussel sprout leaves, herbs/garlic shoots, a few grape tomatoes, 1 eggplant, several jalapeños and a handful of green beans. Can’t wait for more of it to move from our yard onto our plates!

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