Thrift Shop Finds

18 Mar

The one good thing about having to wait for Makenzi and her friend at violin is that there is a thrift shop very nearby.  I haven’t let myself go in for a long time, the need arose!  My nephew Owen turns one tomorrow and my sister asked for books.  BOOKS I can do!  With $0..50-$1.50 prices on used books at this thrift shop, I have to be held back!!  I was so glad I had a purpose other than to be feeding my book-hungry habit!  Besides, I like being the mean aunt/gift giver that gives books and games and such…hopefully all the children will like me for it one day as well. 😉

I found some good things for Owen and a few things for us!

For Owen: Several classics and a couple that should be!  I actually found a copy of On the Day You Were Born for my girls at the same thrift shop last year.  It’s a great one!  And several of the others are favorites of ours when we were younger–A Treeful of Pigs being one of mine (I have this same copy from when I was younger–a RIF book, I think) and Each Peach Pear Plum being one of Philip’s!  And who doesn’t love the others?

For us:

Kangodile: A Mix-and-Match Menagerie: I thought this was super fun (took me back to the ‘LIGER’) and that we could sit down and all create our mix-and-match animal sometime soon.

Origami with Dollar Bills.  I still have an origami heart that holds a quarter that Philip made for me when we were just dating.   Too bad he made it with a $20 bill!  I thought it would be fun to make these with the girls and also to use if I send money as gifts in birthday cards and such!

My favorite option: The scorpion!

One for Makenzi! The World of Magic.

I like that it includes some brief history on famous magicians…not just little tricks of the trade.

I also picked up a baseball instructional book (Like the chess book, I found previously) since Makenzi had signed up for baseball. No pictures, as she had already stolen it from the pile.  She’s now doing soccer, as there weren’t enough children signed up in her age group to create a league. ;(

I also found a few games!  Educational in their own ways, I think I scored big for the cheap price!

Beginners Marathon. This game has so many questions and a fun board.  The questions are a mixture of educational and trivial, but the amount of knowledge the girls could gain from playing this game is amazing!  It’s an older game–for fun, I searched it on Amazon to see how much it would cost to buy it…it was still $17!  Not too bad for having payed $1.99!

See what I mean?  Check out those questions!

Up next, another oldie: Picture Pursuit. Almost $20 on Amazon, I paid $3.99. The first card we uncovered from the viewer when Kenzi and I looked at it later was FDR–and she knew without looking. 🙂

And the last game was another educational game, which will come in handy next year during our geography studies!! I couldn’t have asked for a better find that day for that purpose! Learning Games: American Geography Map Game!$12.95 on their website, I paid $0.99!

And lastly, I found a Haba brand balance scale.  Amazon: $50!! My price: $8.99. Yes, please!  I actually questioned paying that much until I walked by it a third time and decided to call Philip and see how much it would be to buy online.  I’m glad I did!  We’ll get our use out of this…the girls think it’s fun! And if the time comes to get rid of it, I’ll be selling this one on Amazon!!

So, for much less than I would have paid buying at other retail stores or online, I got a lot of great items for a steal!!  Love those days!


3 Responses to “Thrift Shop Finds”

  1. brenda erdman March 18, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    Really good buys!!!!!! I’m sure the girls will enjoy all of them and so will Owen:)

  2. Grandma Vicki March 19, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    Good job, mama!! Looks like lots of games for when we come again!

    • mmeschmitz March 19, 2012 at 8:56 am #

      Yep! Now hurry up and visit! 😉

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