Free Fun–in the form of a ton of games!

5 Feb

Those of you that also see my Facebook posts will already know this.  Those of you that don’t here’s the story:

Last week I responded to a Freecycle post about board games someone wanted to give away.  The description was for about 6 specific games (2 of which we already had), plus others.  That’s all it said. Now, we didn’t need the repeats, but I figured we could give them away.  I really wanted to pick up this lot, as it said it included a Magic Kit, which the girls (Makenzi in particular) have always wanted.

Off we went.

The girls squealed when they saw me turn the corner from the person’s doorstep to return to the van.  Here’s what we got:

It included some materials that I can use for our homeschooling needs as well, which made this even more awesome!  My favorite, was a Snaptricity set–a $40 value!  We went through and were missing 3 pieces.  I contacted the company to purchase the parts…and get this…replacement parts are free!  The girls and even Philip (a little bit) have been playing with this non-stop since then.

I made sure to email the person back and thank them and tell them how generous they were–even if they were just clearing out their space. 🙂

Yay! for Freecycle!


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