This Lady Likes Cheap Entertainment…for the kiddos.

6 Jan

The Winn-Dixie closest to our house was having a Manager’s Appreciation event geared toward children.

FREE, FUN entertainment that my girls will think was a treat? YES, PLEASE!
While we were there they had a bouncy house, loads of free samples, including Krispy Kreme, a cake walk (around the whole store!), root beer floats, a balloon drop (each balloon had a prize assigned to it), an oreo stacking contest (Kenzi won a free Dominos large pizza!), face painting and more.  We didn’t hit everything, but what we did do was a big hit!

Our neighbor, Jolie, came with us and participated in the FREE fun! 🙂  She also stayed the night where the girls decided to bring out their Krispy Kreme products, Philip’s white tshirts, and make their own doughnut shop in the toy room, where they didn’t leave from all night!  I love that they are so easily entertained using their imaginations.

As we drove away Makenzi asked if we could shop at Winn-Dixie always.  We then had a discussion about incentives and W-D’s purpose of having an event like this one.  She decided that since she wanted to go back, that at least one purpose of their event–gaining more customers and their loyalty–was successful! 🙂  Nothing like having fun and learning some economic lessons at the same time!

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