Winter Garden, check!

3 Oct

After Bella’s soccer game this week, we came home to a big job. Prepping & planting our WINTER garden!  I’m so excited that we can have two gardens in one year! Especially since our garden isn’t the largest I’ve seen! We get twice as much out of a little space!

We still have quite a few things left in there from the last planting.  Jalapenos, Bell Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Chinese Eggplant & Basil.  We (as in we, I mean Philip) had to harvest one set of sweet potatoes to make room for new things.  So, as Philip ripped out old plants, harvested sweet potatoes and picked up the water-drip system, I sorted seeds (we ordered with our neighbor and shared them!).

The girls hung out in the shade while Philip tilled, I raked and we started in with the work.  The baby didn’t make it easy to work fluidly, needing to nurse when I was working (how dare her! ha!), but we did it.  He laid the new water system and I planted.  And since we contained the sweet potato vines with all the trellises we had, we are borrowing the neighbor’s bamboo to try some pyramid trellises for our beans and tomatoes.  So, besides adding some twine when the tomatoes are growing to secure the limbs and watering, we’re set!

A good job done and vegetables on the way!

Two pictures are clickable only, that way the are big enough to read the labels of what we planted and where.  Thanks to Makenzi for taking some of them!!

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