Useless Waste

30 Sep

This last week, I noticed I have a new love.  The recycling program here in Pensacola and the compost bins we have in the backyard. I know, if those are my new loves, I’m living THE romantic life. Ha!

What I mean, is that I realized when I took the trash and recycling bins out this week, that the bin had sat empty the whole time up until the night before trash pick-up.  I then took the one and only bag of trash we had accumulated for that week. ONE!  Compared to the twice a week pick up we had when we were in Iowa, this is AMAZING!  We’ve got recycled goods going to where they belong and the compostables creating the lovely goodness we throw back into the garden!

Falling in line with the useless waste theme is the upcoming Christmas season. Ahh!  Besides accumulating useless goods (not that some gifts aren’t great to receive!), I get so fed up with buying and pitching the endless piles of wrapping paper, ribbons & bows each year.  I’ve said I was going to buy/make cloth bags/wrapping for a couple years now.  Since my first request for Christmas lists (a month or two ago!! *my mom*), I’ve been brainstorming to fix both problems….gifts that include consumables or that are made with reused/able materials (or just handmade in general, being more special, in my opinion) and searching out material for making bags or cloth to wrap.  I’m hoping to find some tablecloths, bags, blankets, big shirts, whatever it takes–at thrift shops and garage sales to create our wrapping.

Instead of taking the time to type a lot of my thoughts about this type of Christmas (and other occasions!) waste before I’m off to taxi children to a strings lesson, here’s a link to a really great blog post I read this morning.  (I know, those of you on FB have already seen it, as I posted it there as well.)  I hope those of you that we exchange with at Christmas (or any random person who loves me enough and wants to send something to me–or at the very least anyone who wants to make a change in your gift giving to others), get something out of it and can implement at least one thing on the list!

I’m going to follow this post up with the start of a ‘homemade gifts’ post on the Artist page sometime between now and the end of this weekend.

Hoping for a GREEN (and red) Christmas! 🙂


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