In Hiding

28 Sep

Not me. Never. I would be bored out of my mind.

The little guy in the picture was hiding on the back side of my recycling bin as I took it to the curb this morning.  It reminded me that sometimes chilling out all by yourself is necessary.  That in all my craziness, the busy schedule we keep, I need to scale back and breath…hide in my own place for a little while.

Yesterday, I decided the girls and I won’t be participating in the Roots & Shoots program we were looking forward to.  I want to take some time back for us to just be at home and with each other–not add another trip out of the house. I want to find some time for me to do what I want to do, what I NEED to do.  So this is just a public reminder for myself.

I’ll continue with the schedule we’ve got, but hesitate to add anything new to it.  I’d rather not aid time in flying by us because we’re so busy.  I want to enjoy this time when the girls are all young and at home, let them be here and just be children…but I suppose to do that we need to be home, right?!

And if you need me, but can’t find me, I might be out hiding behind the recycling bin.


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