Yoga…This Mama Will Take What She Can Get

24 Sep

Yoga. Relaxation. Meditation. Stretching. Opening up. Comfort. Workout. Body Health. Mind Health. Moooooommmmm!

I’d love to be able to do yoga somewhere other than my living room.  Go to a class like I did in Ames that was relaxing.  Lights off.  ‘Yoga’ Music.  Guess I’ll keep hoping.  Not only am I not paying for a gym membership, I don’t want to cross the bridge of figuring out where/when/how much to pay and THEN get my girls ready, rounded up, into the childcare area and FINALLY off to class. So, I’ll do it at home.  Problem is, that ‘MOOOOOMMMMM!’ happens each and every time I try to do anything for myself, by myself (don’t ask the last time I peed by myself!)…

Next best thing: Family Yoga!!  Our new found dvd is awesome!  Family Yoga by Tiffany Belzer brings all four of us (Zayli doesn’t get to participate quite yet!) to one place with one purpose. We all enjoy family setting on the dvd (we’ve tried others before) and will be sticking to this one!  It breaks it down into a younger (under 7) workout and one for anyone older than that.  We all participate in either and sometimes do both!  This last week I even woke the girls up early with the idea that it would keep them calm and give them a purpose as soon as they got up…give them a chance to wake up before diving into breakfast and daily activities. I think we’ll keep up with it next week, but scale it back to every other day. We’ll do it on no-soccer days.

Philip has yet to participate (riiiiight), but snapped a couple pictures for us. Maybe we’ll go ahead and get him a yoga mat for Christmas. 😉

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